Inka Park will create, build, and operate the very first large-scale theme park in Latin America. This state-of-the-art park will be the focal point and main driver of a broader ecosystem, including areas of leisure, nature, and a completely new to-be-built sustainable city.

Keep values alive

Inka Park will be more than just a theme park: it is a project to help improve the lives of the Peruvian people. Stories, myths, legends, and fairytales help keep important life lessons and values alive. By carrying out these important values we learn from these folktales, we can change the lives of people, families, and communities for the better.

Sustainable development through tourism

Inka Park will carry out these values not just through its preservation of myths: we will also inspire and enable the people of Latin America to enhance their quality of life by vastly accelerating sustainable development through tourism.

More than a resort

Apart from offering employment and bringing more tourists to the region, we are planning on building a new city next to Inka Park. In accordance with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, this city will be fully climate-neutral.

For the future of Peru

Every person who visits Inka Park will be inspired to become a better human being and make our world a better, more sustainable place. Peru will see a significant and structural increase of tourism and will be set on a path for green and sustainable economic growth in various sectors.

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