Coen Bertens

Consultancy and advice...

In the field of leisure, behaviour & culture, guest orientation and mission & vision.
Coen Bertens has worked at the Efteling for 23 years. Now is the time to share the knowledge and experience gained. The first 10 years I held various positions, including Controller Park. In the following years I worked in management positions, of which the last 7 years in management positions.

In my last position as Park Director, I was responsible for technology, operations and commerce within the Park. In this position I managed 2,300 enthusiastic colleagues.
With my feeling for people, guests and numbers, me and my team have ensured that guests appreciate the colleagues with a 9! In 2019, this top performance was rewarded with the award for “Most customer-friendly company” in the Netherlands.


The agency for consultancy and advice in the field of leisure, behavior & culture, guest orientation and mission & vision.
Coen Bertens Consultancy is independent and has many years of experience and expertise in the field of finance, operational and project management.

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