Maris Projects

Processing waste into sustainable energy

Maris Projects B.V. has focused in recent years on processing waste products into useful products.
Initially this mainly consisted of processing organic waste into animal feed. In recent years, however, Maris has focused more on sustainable energy (biogas and bio oil), high-quality elements (for example from algae) and reuse of products.

This development resulted in the establishment of Maris Projects B.V. in 2004. en Maris Machines B.V. Maris Projects B.V. hereby directs focuses mainly on project construction and solution-oriented work for customers. Maris Machines B.V. focuses mainly on the reuse, development and sale of various machines and installations.


Based on the customer’s wishes, we design the most suitable biogas reactor for the desired application. Variations include the type of pre-treatment, reactor construction, biogas cleaning/reprocessing and digestate treatment. We are also able to supervise the construction of the installation and to supply the necessary hardware. When the installation is put into use, the start-up and training can also be provided.

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