During 2019 and 2020 the Inka Park Investment group created the financial foundation for the development of the biggest entertainment park in South America. Together with the establishment of the Inka entertainment park, also a whole new city will be developed including an airport etc. It will be the largest investment in South America for at least a decade.
Of each huge development such as Inka Park, the setting up of the main infrastructure is of major importance and is also financially seen the infrastructure concerns one of the bigger parts of the investment.


We are Terrastab As a specialist in soil stabilisation, we often
choose unique and smart solutions. The use of Geo- techniques such as soil stabilisation in civil engineering constructions is a unique field of expertise. Nowhere in the world will the soil be the same and our desire
to use soil for building purposes is as old as mankind. The question is, how to achieve our building goals,and how can we use the properties of the soil.

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