Peru in particular is a great place for Inka Park – not just because of our experience with the country, but for a variety of reasons including its macroeconomic credentials, framework for foreign investment, and a range of attractive sectors.

Untapped potential

As someone who has been working and living in Peru for many years, our founder recognized the vast untapped potential of Peru and broader Latin America. During those years and through all his endeavors, his bold vision for the future of Peru and its people was shaped.

Stable economy

The Peruvian economy has grown rapidly this last decade, making the country leader of regional growth. The outstanding position of its economy has led to the lowest inflation rate in the region as well as a stable exchange rate.

Strong framework for investors

The solid financial situation is partly because of private investments into the country, which accounts for 20% of its GDP. The key role investments play in Peru’s economy have led to a strong framework for foreign investment. Foreign investors are granted the same treatment as local investors and are given unrestricted access to the market.

Natural wealth

Peru’s bountiful natural resources also make for attractive sectors to invest in: the country has high agricultural yields and makes about 5,000 billion dollars a year with the export of fresh and processed products. Its wide availability of resources, such as water and gas, also make it a prime location for renewable energy sources.

Proud to be Peruvian

Tourism in Peru has grown exponentially over the last two decades, restoring Peruvians’ self-confidence: they once again believe in their future, trust their country’s natural beauty, and are ready to show the world their riches. Don’t forget the Peruvian cuisine! Culinary achievements are at an all-time high, giving the Peruvians newfound confidence to share their food for the world to enjoy.

Transform the nation

All in all, Peru is a safe, commercial, and above all beautiful country for investments and developments. At Inka Park, we strive to transform Peru into a strategic place for knowledge, business, and sustainable innovation, all in alignment with the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

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