The Zeven Provinciën/Siete Provincias/Seven Provinces was a Dutch naval warship, named for the seven provinces that made up the Dutch Republic at the time of its constructions. Built for the Admiralty in Rotterdam, this ship was Michiel de Ruyter’s flagship during both the Second and Third Anglo-Dutch war.

Ship wreck

In 1674, the ship visited the Caribbean island of Martinique. Due to a series of unfortunate accidents after de Ruyter’s death, including the death of its new rear admiral and severe damage at the Battle at La Hougue, the vessel was broken up in 1694. In 2008, construction of a replica of the ship started at the Batavia-werf in Lelystad. It stopped because of a lack of funding.


Inka Park will, as part of the heritage park, build a museum where a part of Bataviastad will be recreated. To fully complete this recreation, Inka Park will fund the further construction of the Siete Provincias replica as well as the transport to Peru, together with a collection of Dutch heirlooms and an exposition about the history of Dutch and global seafaring.

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