“Flow”, moving in style, and Medellín is worldwide recognized for it Flow every day through the streets of Medellín with this eco-friendly micro-car A hero who comes from the
far galaxy “Oxygen”, and it’s mission is to clean polluted planets like ours.


  • Power: 29kw
  • ABS Bosch 9.1 ESP
  • Back pack:190 Lts
  • Airbag/seat belts 3 points
  • Mitigate personal carbon footprint
  • Reduce pollution levels
  • Fixed costs for car maintenance
  • First and last mile transportation
  • 1,200,000 Cars in 120 Cities
  • 25% of Latam electric cars in Medellín
  • 45,000 places for Car sharing in Medellín
  • 25% of Latam electric cars in Medellín
  • +30% Post-COVID demand

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