Gobsmacked Creative Agency

Unlocking the hidden potential of brands,
in a visually-driven world.

Ever since we started out as a passion driven creative agency almost a decade ago, we have been obsessed with brands. Why is it that certain brands don’t just have customers, but highly engaged fans that actively promote its products, services and even values? What are the ingredients that turn a brand into an actual belief system?

We exist to unlock the hidden potential of your brand so that it can thrive in a world dominated by visual content. Every brand has its unique story and characteristics. So does yours. We excel at identifying those and bringing them to life by starting with WHY,  creating unique identities, effective strategies, compelling campaigns and eye-popping visual content…. tailored to each stage of your customer journey.


  • Brand discovery
  • Brand identity
  • Creative concepting
  • Webdesign/online presence
  • Storytelling
  • Content creation
  • Campaigns
  • Social media management
  • Video strategy
  • Video production
  • Animation


  • Hyster®
  • Yale®
  • Scania
  • Nooteboom Trailers
  • CBS (Statistics Netherlands)
  • Kia Europe
  • Mpac Group
  • BAAS architecten

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