Inka Park will arise in the district of Jequetepeque in Paycasmayo Province of the La Libertad Region in Peru. The primarily agricultural region of Northern-Peru will form the perfect backdrop for Inka Park and its story.

Paycasmayo Province

Jequetepeque is located in Paycasmayo Province in Northern-Peru. The area stretches out along the coastline and is solemnly watched by the mighty Andes. It once was the place where the Moche civilization flourished and will now be the place to honor the national history and culture.

Dancing Horses

Jequetepeque is known for its dancing horses. The world-famous Marinera dance involves a man on his horse and a woman dancing barefoot alongside the horse. A display of finesse and elegance, the dance is a great example of the local heritage and rich culture of the region.

Infrastructurally sound

Located near the Pan-American Highway 1, the area is easily and sustainably accessible for all visitors. Our full-fledged infrastructure plan will ensure safe and efficient logistics through and between all areas of Inka Park and the city. A direct connection to Pan-American Highway 1 from the east of the resort allows for easy travel.

Moche City

Apart from offering employment and bringing more tourists to the region, we are planning on building a new city next to Inka Park. In accordance with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, this city will be fully climate-neutral.

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