On the coast of Peru, one of the most beautiful theme parks in the world will arise. A wonderful Inka world stretching 300 football fields, consisting of six worlds supplemented with resorts, a golf course and a water park, we aim opening it’s magical doors in 5 years.

My name is Sayri.

Inka Park is created around the story of 16-year-old Sayri, who lives in a farming village at the base of the Andes. When he learns his village is in danger, he embarks on a quest to save his friends and family. His coming of age story does not just showcase the values and virtue that connected the Inka people, it also illuminates the sense of purpose that will make modern-day Peruvians feel empowered to create a society that is focused on the wellbeing of all.

Inka Park in Jequetepeque

Inka Park will arise in the district of Jequetepeque in Paycasmayo Province of the La Libertad Region in Peru. The primarily agricultural region of Northern-Peru will form the perfect backdrop for Inka Park and its story. Located near the Pan-American Highway 1, the area is easily and sustainably accessible for all visitors.

Original Peru Inka history

Ancient Inka history has shaped Peru. The country’s beautiful architecture, their cuisine and their cultural characteristics are all modern-day testaments to the days of the Inka empire. The past informs the present and shapes the future. That is why we celebrate Inka history at Inka Park.

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